We Make It Easy To Switch Mortgages

Did you know that UK homeowners can save an average of £4,500 a year by switching mortgages? It's free and easy to do. 

We remove the stress of getting a new mortgage so that you can focus on the more important things in life.

Why remortgage?

Property prices have boomed over the past decade, whilst interest rates are a at a 4 year low.

This unique event has created an opportunity for homeowners to save on their mortgage payments.

Pay off debts

The extra cash generated from a remortgage can be used to pay off debts. 

Make Savings

On average homeowners can save £4,500 a year by switching mortgages. 

Home improvements

Home repairs or renovations that may increase the value of your property

Why choose us?

Hatch Happy are specialist in helping you find the best mortgage deals.
We can help you find the right deal with a few clicks of a button. You can get the funds within 4 - 6 weeks.

How do you qualify for a remortgage?

You must be a homeowner, as the mortgage is secured against your home. You'll make monthly payments to pay back what you owe.

We make the entire process simple and hassle-free.

How does it work?

Once we have all your details, we'll find you the right mortgage for your current circumstance.

If approved you'll get a personalised quote and have the money in your account typically in 4-6 weeks..

We are proud to help you find the right mortgage deal and make the process hassle free!

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