Helping you get more Shopify sales

If you’re struggling to grow then we can scale your store in 3 months, without you having to become a Shopify expert

Our Mission

Hi my name is James, the founder of Hatch Happy. 

We have a simple mission. To remove the headache and stress of growing your shopify store, so you can focus on growing an incredible brand.

What Makes Us Different?

Unlike other agencies, we have personally created and grown our own store to 7 figures in 2 years.

We understand the difficulties in starting an ecom business. We only focus on those areas which we have proven and tested, to give you the highest return on your marketing spend.

You see there is no magic solution. It took 7 long years of testing, failing and constant learning to finally understand how to create this model.

We’ve taken all the guess work out of this and will implement the exact same strategies we’ve used to profitably grow. It’s called the GMAP framework ™.

“We treat your money with the same respect as if it was our own”

- James Lum

2 Ways To Work With Us

Done For You

We manage your Google Ad spend

If you have a marketing budget of at least £5,000 a month and have a good product to sell.

Tiered pricing based on your ad spend (£1,000 minimum fee)

  • Google Search
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Display
  • YouTube

Done With You

1:1 mentoring

This will shortcut your learning curve and save you from spending on things that don’t matter. You’re able to access our 7 years of ecom experience and avoid all the traps of running a Shopify store.

£1,000 a month.

  • Media Buying
  • Brand Building
  • Email Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Shopify Apps Analysis
  • Product Development
  • Monthly Mentoring Sessions

1:1 Mentorship

Get Rapid Results

Are you suffering from overwhelm? Unsure of how to get targeted traffic to your store or how to find the perfect product that flies off the shelf?

How would you feel if you no longer suffered the stress of running a Shopify Store?

We’re able to shortcut your learning curve, so that you can enjoy the life you deserve.

Google Search

Targeted search campaigns for Shopify brands. Stop wasting money on Adwords today.

Google Shopping

Innovative shopping campaigns that boost your revenue. A must have for Shopify stores.


Attract new customers when they watch videos on YouTube. We'll show you what works.


Reach 97% of the web with Google Display Ads. We'll help you grow profitably.

We Have Worked With

Alive Boutique

Gallivant Perfume

The Watch Cabin

Lokdale Watches

Orris London

What Our Clients Say

"Hatch Happy were vital in developing and implementing Lokdale's marketing strategy. Their expertise saved me from spending months learning everything myself."
Kevin Gurriah
"James had some great marketing ideas for Baobella and introduced us to all the great apps on Shopify. It dramatically increased our sales."
Nancy Guo


Hatch happy believe in doing good business and treating profit as a byproduct of our actions. We are not an agency that will spend your money for the sake of it but will treat every penny as if it was our own.
Ecommerce is our passion. We live and breathe it…We invest in training our staff and are proud to be Shopify Partners.
We help create brands and products that matter. We only select to work with brands that have a positive impact on society.

Success Guarantee

You profit or we’ll work with you for FREE until you do.

If you haven’t increased your profits by more than our fees, after 3 months – we will work for you for FREE until you have. As long as you can show that you have followed our instructions.

There is absolutely no risk to you!

We strongly believe that we are not entitled to any fees unless we are making you profitable. Our processes have been proven to work so if they are any hiccups along the way – we will stay committed.

In order to maintain our highest quality of work, we only accept 10 clients at one time.

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