Our Story


I’m passionate about e-com and love seeing people succeed. 

Having experienced the stress and overwhelm of running a 7 figure Shopify store, I wanted to use my experience to help as many store owners as I can.

I believe in creating brands and products that really matter.


As a business owner, I have managed a successful ecom store for several years, and have alot of practical experience. I can advise you on any topic around ecom!

One of my main passions is helping others and I’ve also worked as a volunteer business mentor for Swiss Contact.

I enjoy continually learning and have completed all my Google Ad certifications and am an Adskills certified media buyer. 

Public speaking engagement as a member of Swiss Contact.  I was a volunteer entrepreneur in residence helping to mentor e-commerce businesses in Macedonia.

One of the most rewarding jobs I have ever done!

James Lum, Founder
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