Online Opticians

We worked with a new online spectacles company. Their mission is to provide outstanding customer care, when buying glasses online.


The Problem

They were running their Google Ads inhouse and were struggling to make their campaigns profitable. The store was losing money with each sale they made.

Our Solution

The first thing we did was to work on increasing the conversion rate of their store. Driving traffic to a low converting store is throwing money away!
We worked with them to improve their site speed and redesign the layout of the store. Also to improve the clients ‘offer’, and increase the average order value of their store.
This is the foundation of running a profitable store, that most agencies aren’t willing to go through.
Next, we looked at crafting that perfect marketing message that resonated with the customer. Through a series of questionnaires, we identified the exact reasons why people decided to buy. And created a message that resonated with them.
Once we had set these foundations, we were able to run on the traffic taps!
We knew exactly what type of AdWords to write as they were written by the customer themselves. We targeted their exact pain points i.e. price, lack of customer support. And used all Googles extensive ad tools to drive sales to the store.

The Results


Increase Revenue


Increase Ad Spend


Increase Conversions

3 Pro Tips

1. Always start by setting the foundations of the business. For example increasing the sites conversion rate and getting the customer to buy more

Unlike other agencies we have a lot of experience running ecom stores and can set a strong foundation to drive traffic.

2. Craft the perfect message that resonates with your customer. Media buying is more than creating campaigns in Google. It’s about finding a message that resonates with your audience.
We are able to achieve click through rates of 25% on some ad campaigns.
3. Use Google’s full range of products to target your customers and they will work in sync with each other. For example, we use Shopping campaigns, showcase ads, remarketing ads across search, display and YouTube, in-market targeting.
This allows us to have an unfair advantage over our competitors
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