Watch Retailer

This retail store was created by myself (the director of Hatch Happy), and a business I have run for the past 6 years.

I wanted to create an e-com brand that reinvented the industry. By offering exceptional customer service, along with guaranteed low prices.

The Problem

I’d previously owned an internet businesses but had never set up an ecom store.

I was starting from the bottom, but it would be a incredible learning experience. One that i’d like to share with you…

Our Solution

After researching the market, I discovered that online shoppers were hesitant to buy from new e-com stores.

Hence I wanted to create an online shop that people could trust.

The aim was to create a brand that differentiated themselves from low-cost retailers such as Amazon and E-bay. The store would offer an outstanding customer experience such as 24-hour customer service, 365-day returns, a price match guarantee and extended warranty’s.

I started by gathering customer reviews and used referrals to grow the business. After all there is no better marketer of your business than a happy customer!

Once the foundations were set, I focused on those few activities that gave the highest return.

I really focus on email marketing, PPC ( Google and facebook), granular retargeting, and CRO ( conversion rate optimisation) to scale the business.

The Results

7 Figures

Annual Revenue


Five Star Reviews

Trusted Brand

3 Pro Tips

1. Don’t compete on price

Even though price is the biggest resistance from somebody buying, I never wanted to compete on price.

The problem with that is that it’s very easy for your competitor to reduce their prices. And it can end up being a race to the bottom!

I wanted to create a moat that made it difficult for our competitors to compete. For example, by training our staff to offer 24 hour customer service. This is not something that can be easily replicated.

2. Build a brand
Create a business that has a purpose. 
Through surveying people, I found out that they had little trust from buying designer watches from an online store.
Hence, I invested alot of time building customer reviews and creating a trusted brand.
The store was never the cheapest but our customers still bought and we had a continual pipeline of free  referrals.
3. Set the foundations of the business by removing all the spend leakages.
The shop was set up so that every penny spent on ads, could capture some form of ‘customer asset’
For example, we captured emails, phone numbers, messenger subscribers and retargeted all visitors.
Even if they didn’t buy the first time, we could advertise to them at a much cheaper cost, using emails, SMS messages and chatbots.
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