What Is GMAP™?

Our proven system that can scale Shopify stores in 3 months. GMAP™ was created after spending several years of testing, failing and then finally succeeding.
We put all our learnings in this system so that you don’t have to make all the costly mistakes we made.
You can either spend years trying to figure out yourself or partner with us.
We start by MAPPING out your entire marketing funnel. Then using the big G (Google) to drive visitors. 
You see e-com is not just about driving tonnes of traffic to your store.
Most media agencies do not have the expertise to build an optimised store, that convert.
We do the research to ensure that the correct marketing message is being conveyed to the correct market with the right offer.
Next, we go through your entire customer journey and continually remove bottle necks.
Once we have set the foundations, we start driving targeted traffic to your store. We are more than a media buying company; we understand the entire journey of running a Shopify store.

Why You Need GMAP™?

As E-com gets more competitive each year, the cost of advertising increases. And without a competitive edge, your profit margins will be continually squeezed.
We give you an unfair advantage, by implementing our expertise in media buying, conversion rate optimisation and digital marketing. 
The advanced skills that your average e-com store owner does not have access to.
They get stuck on running the day to day tasks of the business and lose track of the most important ingredients – knowing your customer and getting more sales.
GMAP™ is your all in one growth tool. A swiss army knife, that saves you from hiring an expensive team of experts and scales your business.

3 Stages Of GMAP™


We’ll help you conduct surveys to identify the exact reason why people are buying or not. We can then craft a precise message to encourage people to buy.

Customer Experience

We assess the customer journey and ensure that its as frictionless as possible. In one store, we removed the number of steps that the visitor clicks through on the checkout page. This improved the conversion rate.


We communicate to the customer in the exact language they use and target their pain points. We focus on Google AdWords, Shopping, Display and YouTube.

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